About us

We are an open group of independent professionals, dedicated to software development, training and technical support, focusing on free tools: PostgreSQL, Python, and GNU / Linux. We also do consulting and migration (from Visual Basic, FoxPro, Cobol, Access, MySQL, Windows, etc.).. We started free software projects like PyAfipWs (electronic bill web-service interface for AFIP -Argentina's IRS-) PyReplica (replication and high availability for PostgreSQL), and soon a free ERP style application (administrative / accounting, stock, payroll, library, academic, etc..), taking advantage of more than 10 years of experience and a legacy program used by a large number of clients in different fields and activities.


  • Mariano Reingart: Analyst-Programmer. Teacher. Member of Python Argentina and PostgreSQL Argentina Users Groups. Developer of free software projects like PyReplica y PyAfip. More than 10 years of experince on ERP like systems development and implementation using VB, PHP, Python, PostgreSQL, Windows and Linux, on SMEs and IT companies.
  • Romina Castrogiovani: Secretary and SME Assistant. Accounting advanced student.


  • Emanuel Calvo Franco: Linux & Postgresql Senior Administrator, PHP & Oracle programmer. Open Source users since 1999. Member of PostgreSQL Argentina and Open Solaris Argentina Users Groups. More than 3 years of experience on training, specially on databases.
  • Marcelo Alaniz: Analyst Programmer. Teacher at La Punta University (San Luis). Member of Python Argentina Users Group. Coordinator of Sanluix (San Luis LUG). Currently oriented to high performance web development (Google app engine, web2py, django and his own development framework Yarará). Developer of PyAfipWs.